Dark Nights of the Soul

A friend of mine told me about the book “Dark Nights of the Soul” by Thomas Moore and the way he described it intrigued me. I picked it up yesterday and started reading it. Good insight so far.

It started me thinking about the dark nights that I have experienced, especially in recent years. The ending of one ministry, the beginning of another.

At the end of that one ministry, we sold our first home. The summer before we did that, we took these pictures.

I recently was looking at this and I noticed that both my wife and I are in “the shade” or in the “dark.”

Coincidence? Maybe. But its good metaphor nonetheless. We were happy, but evcen while we were happy, I now recognize that we were also going through a “dark night.”

I’ve realized that it wasn’t a problem to be solved, but a time to experience and listen for God’s “still small voice.” It was hard to hear, and it is only now that I’m in sunny Southern California that I can look back at that time and understand what God’s still, small voice was saying.

More to come….

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