25 Days of Thanksgiving-Day 4

I am thankful for hot coffee at sunrise. Today was especially beautiful. It was chilly but not down-right cold. There was just a hint of frost on the pile of leaves that I will be burning later today. The sun was gorgeous as it peeked over the horizon into a pale blue and cloudless sky.

I wish I had the gift of verse so that I could write a poem about this morning, but instead I just have to be thankful to absorb the sunrise as my hot coffee tries to fog up my glasses.

The coffee I enjoyed this morning is nothing exotic – just regular, ol’ coffee. I do add pumpkin spice creamer to it – just because it tastes good and reminds me of this special time of year.

It is a time of Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate “day” holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Day) for just one day. I make a season out of it.

I have too much for which to be thankful to celebrate Thanksgiving Day for just one day.

Today it is for hot coffee. It warms me up after a cool night, it jolts my system awake. But it also slows me down to contemplate and pray a prayer of thanksgiving.

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