25 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 17

I love Chicago Bears football. As I’m sitting here writing this, I have my Chicago Bears hoodie on. My keys are hanging around my neck on my Chicago Bears lanyard. I drove this morning wearing my Chicago Bears sunglasses.

On most Sundays, I watch at least two football games. First and foremost – which means I actually plan around this – I will watch the Bears play. But I also like to watch the Packers game – but just to cheer on whoever they are playing.

But this Sunday I won’t be watching the Bears play. That’s because they are playing Thursday night! We now have Thursday night football, and I am thankful for that!

When I was growing up, the only Thursday football games where when the Lions and the Cowboys played on Thanksgiving Day. But this year, my sons and I will be able to watch the Chicago Bears play on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Ok, yeah, it’s just football. It isn’t life-changing and I’m sure there are more important things that we could be doing.

But my sons and I will be able to sit down together, with some chili-cheese dip and chips, and some pop and watch some football. The most important part of all that – and that for which I am so very thankful – is being together with my sons.


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