25 Days of Christmas – Day 11

Over this past weekend we had near-blizzard conditions in Northern Illinois. Heavy snow, high winds, and wind-chills near zero.

This might have been part of what they meant by “The weather outside is frightful….” While I wanted to sit inside, in front of a roaring fire with my family listening to Christmas music, I had a job to do.

When we moved here in August, my mother – who lives just down the street from us – volunteered me to clear snow off the driveway of a neighbor of hers. This neighbor could no longer lug out the big, heavy, snow blower. I was glad to help – at the time. After all, it was August and we wouldn’t have snow for months.


It’s couple of months later now! So I was out there in the cold and blowing snow doing what I was volunteered to do.

It wasn’t so bad. After all, I had a snow blower at my disposal. This was a first for me.

Living 9 years in Wisconsin, I never owned a snow blower and had to clear my driveway with one of the two old-fashioned ways of doing it. Either 1) wait for it to melt on its own or 2) shovel it clear.

I’ll never go back to those two ways again.

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