Pants on Fire

Lying – telling falsehoods – has been the topic of many of the blogs

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that I’ve read this past week.

But it was one that sparked me to write about it as well. In that blog the writer was upset because U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner lied to him. Not him, personally (as in Weiner came to his house and lied to his face) but rather came on the TV, which was in this writer’s home, and lied about what he did via twitter.

And that was what really ticked off this blog writer.


I don’t feel that Anthony Weiner lied to me, personally. But it still made me angry and sad.

Angry that men and women elected to be leaders of the United States behave in immature and destructive ways.

Sad for Weiner’s wife who has to endure the shame and pain of this man’s immature actions.

Honestly, there are times when I – as a 46 year-old man – act a bit immature. Like when I play Mario Kart with my 11 and 12 year-old sons.

But when it comes to sex, there’s no room for immaturity. Sex itself is intended to be a mature action. God’s gift of sex was given to a mature Adam and Eve (before the fall into sin).

I’ve been called and gifted to be the leader of my family. I may act silly sometimes, but when maturity is called for, I do my best to be mature. Thankfully, God forgives me failures!

I believe that as the leader of my family, I build trust in my kids by at times being silly with them but also a times being mature with them by setting boundaries for them and myself.

The leaders of our country need to learn this lesson, as well.

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