Back in the time before time, all the way back through the mist of ages, centuries and milleniums ago, there was a pristine place.

It was, in a word that is overused today, perfect. There was no death, no pain, no sorrow, and no tears. There was also a marriage. It was the first – and, as it turned out, the only – perfect marriage.

That gnawed at one creature. He was not of this place. He was an imperfection who invaded this garden of perfection.

He approached the wife and started talking to her. The husband was right there next to her, but apparently was the strong and silent type.

This creature’s conversation hinted quite clearly that there was something wrong with perfection and he had the solution to it. 

“Eat this fruit, it will solve all your problems.”

She did. And then, dutifully, she shared it with her husband.

The colors faded. The sky grew a little darker. The wind blew a little cooler. Why was it getting cold, she thought. Then she looked at her husband. Where were his clothes?

Let us push ahead about three thousand years. Darkness and cold had overtaken all the world. But one man came forward and talked of light. He was the light, he said! The light of the world.

He said good things. He did good things.

He came to bring a new solution. A re-solution to the darkness in this world.

On a day some call “good” it turned very dark for a time. That was a mark of the resolution he came to bring.

He died that day. But not before resolving the evil that had invaded that perfect garden so long ago.

Three days later, as the sun peaked over the easter eastern  hillside, some of his friends went to the cemetery only to find the grave emptied of its body and its power.

Death, pain, sorrow, and tears have found their resolution.

The world would never be the same again!


This post is part of the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival: Resolution, hosted by Peter Pollock. For more reads on the topic, please visit him over at his place,

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