American Patriotic Movies

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are part of the reasons the United States exists.

The “pursuit of happiness” – for me – involves movie watching. Here’s a list of some my favorite patriotic movies – what are yours?

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Field of Dreams. The fantasy story of a man’s pursuit of his father that revolves around the great American pasttime – baseball.

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The Patriot . Mel Gibson’s ode to the United States of America. Heath Ledgers’ best work, too.

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Rio Lobo. John Wayne is a Union Colonel returning home from the Civil War to his home state of Texas to rid a town of an evil man.

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Yankee Doodle Dandy. James Cagney – yes, the actor best know for playing gansters – sings and dances in this biopic of American composer and actor George M. Cohan.

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Apollo 13. The moonshot that went horribly wrong but has a happy ending. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard team up to tell this true story about Jim Lovell and the American “never-say-die”  attitude. Fellow Chicagoan Gary Sinise plays Ken Mattingly.

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