My Calling

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received. – Ephesians 4:1

God has called me to be a pastor. It says so right on the certificate on my office wall. I have been certified to receive a divine calling into the Office of the Holy Ministry from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. I have received a Divine Call from the Holy Spirit through the people of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois to be a pastor.

I have also received a “calling” to be Nancy’s husband. I have that certificate as well. It’s in our wedding album – a very beautifully decorated photo album that I admit that I haven’t looked at much since the first week in September 1991.

I have also received a calling to be Eddie, Kurt, and Mark’s father. I have those certificates as well – the ones that state I’m their father and Nancy is their mother.

I have received a calling to be Bob’s brother. I don’t have a document for that, but if you ever saw us together, it would be clear to you that we are brothers.

I have received a calling to be Pam’s and Ed’s son. I recently received a certified copy of that certificate.

So, right there it looks like I have five callings. That’s a lot of responsibility and duties for one man, don’t you think?

I was thinking about this the other day. I think that God has called me to be just one thing. His man. His True Man. Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I am a True Man of God. Not perfect. Not even “pretty good,” but “True” in the sense that I am a man of the one True God. The Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shines in my life – and that is my calling.

Yet, like one ray of light that shines through a prism is separated into several distinct rays of color, so is my calling to be a true man of God. His light shines in my life and, as He calls me to be His man, I have distinct colors – son, brother, pastor, father and husband. Not five different callings, but one calling that is seen in distinct ways.

I am called to be a true man of God – a man after His own heart – and through the power of the Holy Spirit in my life I am striving to live my life worthy of that calling.

How about you?

© 2006 True Men Ministries, Inc.

1 thought on “My Calling”

  1. I would add the first God called you to life and He did that at your conception. Second, God called you to faith and He did that through you Baptism. Third, God called you to your vocations of which you have named four, many more can be added. And finally, as God has called some men, He has called you into the Office of Holy Ministry to be a pastor. God has called each one of us to be priests in the priesthood of all believers, offering our lives as living sacrifices to the Lord, thus serving Him by serving others. To Him be the glory.

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