Happy New Year

We’re a little nervous at True Men Ministries, and here’s why.

We set it as our goal to get a podcast up and running in early 2016 and, well, early 2016 starts this weekend!

We have the equipment. Our main computer has been updated. We also updated the sound equipment.

As you may know, we have both a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page. We’re not entirely sure what the differences are between the two, which is why we have both.

We have a Twitter account with over 500 followers, are you one of them? You can follow us here.

We’ve also posted a few Periscope videos. Which we plan on incorporating into the Podcast. The idea is that we’ll broadcast the podcast in its raw, unedited form on Periscope live and then edited and upload here to our WordPress Blog site.

All of this is made possible by, first of all, your prayers! Thank you for that!

Also, by contributions made to our GoFundMe page. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to contribute (or contribute again) you can do so here.

We’ve also had a blog site on blogger.com but we are rolling that site into this WordPress site – that makes it easier to keep track of the blogs and podcasts for everyone!

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