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On this January 6 I read Matthew 2:1-12 for my morning devotion.

I’ve read it numerous times in the last week or so. I preached from this text last weekend and the devotion for In My Father’s Footsteps today is also based on this text. But both of those focused on the gifts the Wise Men brought.

This morning, what jumped out at me was that there is no mention of Joseph in this text.

Mary is there. Jesus is there. Herod, the chief priests, the scribes, and the Wise Men are there.

But no mention of Joseph. What happened?

He’s there, of course. The very next verse he is mentioned when we’re told that an angel visited him again to tell him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to save them from Herod’s act of murderous terror.

Why is he not mentioned in the first twelve verses?

Its like Christmas Day around my house. Each year numerous pictures are taken – of the tree, of my wife, three sons, my mom, the dog, opening presents, preparing the Christmas meal, and the aftermath. But there are few – in any – pictures of me!

It’s not that I wasn’t there. I certainly was. I was the one taking the pictures!

These first twelve verses of Matthew 2 – the account of The Epiphany – are Joseph’s pictures of the event!

He’s there, behind the camera, so to speak. But then steps out from behind the camera when action is needed.

That’s the lesson for me today. Record and mark the events as they happen today, but step out from behind the camera when needed. But either way, I’m part of what is going on.

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