The Open Door

In my reading from my devotional God Grant It – thank you Channing for the wonderful Christmas gift! – Walther encourages Christians to go through the open door that God has made to those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

He admonishes Christians to step through the door – in various ways – because God has opened this door. God wants the people of the world to be saved. Yes, in year’s past, many countries were totally closed to outsiders. But Walther lets his hearers and readers know those days are over!

All the world is open to Christians!

Walter wrote this in the middle of the 19th Century!

It is, of course, still true today. With the the fast travel of airplanes and the instantaneous travel of the internet, Christians can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the entire world!

Not all are called to go to Africa or China or South America in person. But all are called to pray for, support, and take part in the mission of the Church in some way.

How will you do that today?

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