Same God?

I hear and read numerous times in a month that all the major religions, at least, worship the same God.

Christians believe in God.

Jews believe in Jehovah or Yahweh.

Muslims believe in Allah.

And they are all the same God.

So let’s just all get along, please?

Yet there’s one person who throws a monkey wrench into the idea.

Jesus Christ.

Jesus answered, “You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would know my Father also” (John 8:19).

If Christ is rejected as the Son of God, then God Himself is not known and is rejected.

Christians have been given this command of Christ to “go into all the world” and to proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior of all.

We have not been commanded to get along with everyone. We have been commanded to love everyone and tell them the Truth of God’s love in Christ Jesus!

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