Transformed Like a Snake

I will not forget your word.

Psalm 119:16b

Martin Luther likens the transformation of all that we are by the Gospel to a snake that sheds its skin.

Interesting allegory (or is it simile? My apologies to Mrs. Fish, my high school English teacher, for not being clear on the grammarian concept).

Luther writes:

“Thus the whole man must crawl into the Gospel, become new, and take off the old skin, as the snake does when its skin becomes old. It seeks out a narrow hole in the rock, crawls into it, sheds its old skin and leaves it in the hole. Thus man must also rely  on the Gospel and God’s Word and confidently follow its promises, which never lie. It this way he takes off his old skin – leaves behind his light, his opinion, his will, his love, his delight, his speech, his deeds – and becomes an entirely new man, who sees everything differently than before, judges differently, forms an opinion differently, thinks differently, wills differently, speaks differently, loves differently, desires differently, acts and conducts himself differently than before.” (Martin Luther Day by Day, February 4)

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