True Men Ministries

True Men Ministries is a Christian Men and Family Ministry started twelve years ago in a small town in Wisconsin.

Two pastors and an attorney started the ministry and it has grown to include a bi-monthly podcast, a daily devotion, and several events held throughout the United States.

Pastor Ed Blonski hosts a podcast twice a month called “The True Man Podcast” and you can subscribe to it at Podbean. You can also find it on Stitcher and in the iTunes store.

An off-shoot of True Men Ministries is The Classical Music Almanac, hosted by Ed Blonski. Classical music is a passion of Ed’s and he provides an almanac podcast daily. Your support of True Men Ministries also keeps that podcast going!

Pastor Ed Blonski also is the devotional writer of “In My Father’s Footsteps.” He has written a series on The Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, Christmas Carols, Hymns and Songs, and currently is writing a series based on BibleGateway‘s Readings for Lent and Easter. You can receive these devotions daily by subscribing at the True Men Ministries Website here.

True Men Ministries hosts “Advances” – we don’t hold retreats because True Men don’t retreat!

Fern Falls Idaho
Fern Falls in Northern Idaho

We’ve been wilderness camping and trout fishing in Northern Idaho.






Craig DeMartino in Southern California






We’ve been rock climbing with Craig DeMartino in Southern California.




We are a small Christian ministry that relies on paying our bills totally on the kindness of people like you!

Our expenses:

Internet server – $15 a month.

Podcast server – $10 a month.

Printer ink and paper – $30 a month.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry via our GoFundMe page here.

If you have any questions or comments about True Men Ministries, you can leave them here on this blog site or email us at

Please keep True Men Ministries in your prayers!


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