Leadership Principle – Staying in Top Physical Shape

Major Dick Winters identified 10 leadership principles based on his time in the U.S. Army in World War II.

The third principle is

  • Stay in top physical shape – physical stamina is the root of mental toughness

For the longest time the closest I’ve every come to being in physical shape was to be “round.”

But the desire has always been there.

Now that desire has been joined by necessity. My doctor measured my cholesterol.

I rang the bell! 

So now I’m walking more. Lifting weights is supposed to help as well, so I’m doing that, too.

Dick Winters recognized that physical stamina is the root of mental toughness. And the men of Easy Company would be pushed to the limit mentally from June 1944 to May 1945. Jumping out of a airplane into a dark sky lit up by bursts of flak to land in enemy-occupied France. They would be pushed almost beyond the breaking point in the frozen forests of Belgium surrounded by the enemy shooting artillery shells into the trees above them day and night.

Captain Herbert Sobel, Commanding Officer of Easy Company at Camp Teccoa, made them run up Currahee hill numerous times. Why? Because he knew that physical training would be vital to the company’s chances of survival and victory in combat. Running up Currahee was Sobel’s torture that would help Easy Company survive Normandy on June 6, 1944, Holland in September 1944, Bastogne in December 1944 and January 1945 and finally reach Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in May of 1945.

I invite you to join me into getting into top physical shape.

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