Leadership Principle 3: Stay In Top Physical Shape

The current series of the True Man Podcast is based on Leadership From the Biggest Brother, something I envision being a book and weekend event.

It is based on the 10 Leadership Principles identified by Major Richard Winters of the “Band of Brothers.”

The latest episode is based on the chapter “Stay in Top Physical Shape – Physical Stamina Is the Root of Mental Toughness.”

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive starting this chapter of Leadership from the Biggest Brother. I’m not in the best physical shape – unless you will give me credit for being round because that’s a shape.

I’ve battled my weight for nearly all my 51 years. My family and friends have been very kind to me, never calling me fat but referring to me as “thick” or “big boned.”

At my last doctor’s appointment I was 6’4” and weighed 306 pounds. On the positive side, when people who see me hear this information they are usually shocked that I weigh that much. I guess I don’t look like it.

But believe me; I feel it now more than ever. My knees and other joints hurt a lot more frequently since I turned 50. My back aches more now. And when I started this Leadership from the Biggest Brother I knew that I was going to have to actually practice what I preached when it came to getting into better physical shape. So I’ve been walking and lifting weights, doing sit-ups and more stretching to ease my joints and muscles. I’ve been eating healthier, and I admit that’s been the hardest part.

But it’s time. It’s time to get into better, healthier, shape. I’ll join you in this part of the training and together we can stimulate our minds while we discipline our bodies.

Because that’s what a leader does.

I invite you to join me into getting into top physical shape.

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