The Message of the Rooster

Sometimes when we look up God reveals to us a profound truth about our lives through simple things – like a weather vane on top of a barn.

Not everyone that saith unto me, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.…. – Matthew 7:21

Pastor Karl Rest (pastor of Salem Church, Wanatah, Indiana, 1935-42) tells this story:

In a little town in the western part of Iowa, I noticed a strange sight on top of the church’s steeple.

Image result for rooster weathervaneIt was a rooster weather vane.

Now, most – if not all – churches have crosses on the steeples. But this church had a rooster weathervane!

I wondered why Christian people had ever placed it there.

Now, as you probably know, roosters like to crow. They make a big noise in a boastful way.

And this has given rise to the phrases “something to crow about” and “he’s so cocky.”

Someone who is “cocky” likes to bring attention to themselves, especially when they’ve done something important and meaningful.

So, did these Christians want to say that the people of the church are like roosters? Do they begin to crow when they had done a good deed? Are they “cocky” and proud, constantly calling attention to themselves?

Indeed, there are many people like this, even in the Christian Church! But the church of Jesus does not call people in order to make them braggers.

I think that what this church was trying to remind their people was to not be proud and confident in their own works.

Peter certainly was. When Jesus said, on the night that He would be betrayed, that the disciples would run away, Peter confidently boasted that he would never run. He would even die for Jesus, in necessary.

Yet a few hours later, as a rooster started crowing in the distance, Peter finds himself denying even knowing Jesus three times!

He was so ashamed of himself, he cried bitterly! He remembered his brave words and his cowardly actions. He thought that the Lord could never use him again.

Not those who glibly say, “Lord, Lord,” but only those who do the will of the Lord, are fit citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

After all the pride and conceit were knocked out of Peter, and after Jesus forgave Peter and told him to “feed my sheep” three times (for each denial), Peter became a very useful disciple. He learned to put the Lord first and himself second.

The people in that Iowa church remembered this story every time they looked at the steeple and saw the rooster up there. They would have remembered that God’s Word says, “Pride goeth before a fall.” They had become very humble, constantly learning, constantly realizing how little they know and that only if they keep their eyes of Jesus and learn from Him will they be His disciples!

The message of the rooster on the steeple is, “Enter the church of Jesus in humility.”

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