The Perfect Day


Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness. 1 John 3:4

It was a beautiful day. But, then again, all the days were beautiful!

Adam and Eve never knew a bad day – of cold, too windy, snow storms, hurricanes, etc.

It was yet another day of sunshine after an early morning fog. Temperature was 78 degrees and the humidity was 40%.

perfect-dayIn other words, it was a perfect day.

But that was all to change.

Eve was near the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The tree that she and Adam were forbidden to eat from. A serpent was there. The serpent talked to Eve. The serpent tempted Eve with half-truths and lies. The serpent caused doubt to rise in Eve’s heart, doubt that God had told her the truth, doubt that God was not holding or hiding something from them.

Eve takes the forbidden fruit. Eve eats the forbidden fruit.

Up to this point in the story, we think that it was just Eve and the serpent. But no. Adam was right there, probably the whole time. Saying nothing. Not warning Eve. Not chasing the serpent away.

We would have wanted Adam to pick up a shovel and dispatch the serpent – permanently.

But Adam allowed Eve to eat. Adam then ate.

And we were all plunged into sin, into death, into separation from God.

It’s called original sin and it taints all of us. We are all born with it because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. We are never told how sin is passed on by parents to children. We are not told about a genetic code sequence or mutation. Just that it is so.

Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned…. Romans 5:12

So we are all born with the inability to fear and love God. We are all born spiritually blind and spiritually dead. The blind cannot see on their own. The dead cannot live on their own.

But wait, it gets worse! We are now all born with an incessant desire to sin. Original Sin has made us all enemies of God!

There is only one thing we deserve because of sin and that is temporal and eternal death.

God did not create us with the ability to die. We brought that on ourselves through sin.

Our sin separates us from God.

But the Good News is that God chooses not to separate from us!

God the Son became a human being, one of us! He was born in order to fulfill all that was necessary for us to overcome sin. Jesus became our substitute under God’s Holy Law.

Adam and Eve were created with perfect righteousness. But they gave it up when they sinned. Now Jesus gives us His righteousness, we receive it by faith.

Still, sin must be accounted for. There must be punishment. So Jesus took our sin – all of our sin – onto himself and died on a cross to forgive all our sin.

He was crucified for six hours before he died. Joseph of Arimathea and his Sanhedrin colleague Nicodemus took Jesus body and buried him in Joseph’s tomb.

Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead. Because our sins are forgiven we, too, will rise from the grave one day (assuming we die before Jesus comes back again). That’s a glorious promise for those who have saving faith in Jesus.

Forty days after Jesus rose victoriously from the dead, he rose victoriously to heaven – ascending with the promise that he would come back again to take us to be with him in heaven.

What started out as a perfectly beautiful day ended tragically for Adam and Eve and all of us. We all continue to struggle against sin.

But because of Jesus Christ and the faith given us by the Holy Spirit through the means of grace, we can look forward to perfect days ahead of us – even if we don’t know when Christ will come back to give us that perfect day.

All I know is that it isn’t here yet. But I believe it is coming!

©2016 True Men Ministries


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