No Boasting

Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring. Proverbs 27:1

Living for today is hard. I’m always looking ahead to the next day and the next week. At this time of year, I’m also looking ahead to a couple of weeks down the road.

I suspect lots of children are also doing this, but perhaps for different reasons! They are looking ahead to the annual visit of Santa Claus whereas I’m looking ahead to the sermons and services I’m preparing to be the lead worshiper in.

offence_and_boastingI came across this Bible verse from Proverbs 27 in my daily reading in Proverbs this month. While looking ahead is usually ok, boasting about what is ahead is warned against.

For me, it’s a fine line. Sometimes I find that I’m talking a lot about the days ahead and all the things I have to do to prepare for them.

That can sound like boasting to some people – and I think that sometimes it is boasting. I’m boasting about how busy I am, especially at this time of year.

I pray that the Lord will forgive me for my boasting!

I look ahead at the coming days fondly. I have been for a couple a weeks. Today, for example: I’ve been looking forward to this day when my wife and three sons will all be together to cut down the family Christmas tree. I was also looking forward to yesterday when a lot of my family got together to not only celebrate Thanksgiving but also my mom’s birthday.

The fact is that these things would happen – in some way, shape or form – with or without me. So I really have nothing to boast about them. And the truth is that boasting about them gets in the way of enjoying them.

I’m learning – albeit somewhat slowly – to worry less, boast less, about the days ahead and just enjoy them as they happen (planning where I have to – like today, getting the car ready, mapping out the route to the tree farm, etc.).

This works for all kinds of things – the chief of which is salvation. I can boast in what I do to earn my salvation from God, but it would be an empty boast. I don’t do anything to earn forgiveness of my sins. Christ has done it all through His substitutionary birth, perfect life, sacrificial death, promise-laden resurrection and his victorious ascension.

I won’t worry about my salvation and I won’t boast it in. But I will look forward to its completion in the 2nd Coming of Christ!

I pray that this attitude will continue to spill over into the rest of my life as well!

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