An Excellent Wife I

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10

Since the 7th grade I always knew that someday I would be married.

However, I didn’t know who my wife would be or exactly what kind of woman I would marry – at least not until 1990.

That was when my friendship with Nancy grew into so much more!

We had met in 1988 while I was a second-year student at Concordia Seminary. That year, I was joined by four of my closest friends – Kurt, Steve, Mark and Jeff.

These four men, along with myself, formed the core of the music group The Master’s Voice. We had started singing together in 1986 at Concordia Wisconsin. We were a double-quartet acapella group that sang at school functions and around the southeastern Wisconsin area.

Our largest gig as an eight-man group was to sing in Van Horn, Iowa for a District Youth event in the spring of 1987.

In the autumn of 1988 the five of us re-imagined the group as a quintet and we kept the name The Master’s Voice and sang all around the St. Louis, Missouri area.

One of those events was for a youth fundraiser at a church in north St. Louis County and that is when I met Nancy for the first time.

We became friends but that was all we were for a while. Looking back now I see a little more clearly what God was doing in our lives, but at the time I thought we were just two Christian people serving God as best we could – she as a teacher in north county and me a part-time radio guy who was trying to figure out my best seminary career path.

That path led me to take a leave from my studies and move to Nevada for a year. While there, Nancy and I wrote letters back and forth. (Letters then were what email is today. Talking on the telephone was our instant messaging.)

In 1990 I returned to St. Louis and a full-time position at KFUO as a producer and on-air announcer. Of course, Nancy and I ended up getting together and it was then that I realized that God was bringing us closer to together and I was falling in love!

I always knew that someday I would get married. Now I had a name and face to that knowing!

As we dated in 1990, The Master’s Voice was back together for one more year before the other four guys completed their seminary training and would go on to serve as pastors or move on to an advanced degree study.

By this time, the other four guys were married or about to be married. We all had “excellent” wives or wives-to-be at our side as our singing career peaked with the recording of “The Album” at Lutheran Hour Ministries studios in St. Louis.

wedding2In the late spring of 1991 I formally asked Nancy to be my “excellent wife” and in August of that year we were married!

Through my early years, God had been telling me in special and sometimes in unlooked-for ways that I would be married. Through his Holy Word in books like Proverbs and Ephesians, God was telling me what kind of woman he was going to bring into my life.

He was also telling me what kind of relationship I was going to have with my wife. Again, as I look back on all these years together with Nancy – first as friends and then the last 26 years as husband and wife – I see how our marriage has been shaped and nurtured by God to be a reflection of the relationship Jesus Christ has with his bride, the Church.

Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it is an incredible relationship of love, sacrifice, comfort, and encouragement.

And I can honestly say – with all my heart – that my life with Nancy is “far more precious than jewels.”

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