An Excellent Wife III

An excellent wife … She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:10a, 12

As long as I can remember I’ve always been a “heavy” guy. As my brother-in-Christ Jeff put it, “I was thick.”

But I call it fat. And so does my doctor.

asstpastor-win_20140120_132533Officially, I am Class 2 Obese, which means my Body Mass Index is in the range of 30.0-34.9 (mine right now is 34.7).

The only time I can remember being “not thick” but not quite thin, outright, was the summer I spent as a counselor at the YMCA Camp Ravenswood. That summer I ate three square meals a day – and that was it, no snacking – and was active just about every waking hour teaching kids to swim, ride horses, archery, other games, etc.

Now, I’ve been a pastor for 21 years (my 22nd anniversary coming up this June) and the pastoral ministry – at least in the United States – is a mostly sedentary profession.

I sit in my office. I sit in my car. I stand at bedsides and altars. I have lunch meetings and potluck dinners.

My wife has always been concerned about my weight. Two years ago, I topped the scale at 330 pounds. Turning 50 years old I also had a colonoscopy. The results – while not catastrophic – were not encouraging.

Nancy finally said enough is enough.

She was about to fulfill Proverbs 31:12 in a very real way. She had been trying to get me to lose weight and be stronger and healthier for years. But I had been fighting her.

Oh, I had been making half-hearted attempts to exercise. The last two years we lived in California, I would “jog” two miles three or four times a week around my neighborhood (a two-mile loop). I lost some pounds but I was only going about it half-heartedly, as I said. I knew I was wasting my time when I was what I thought was jogging up the sidewalk and an 80-year-old veteran walked past me!

After my colonoscopy, my doctor gave me a prescription to help lower my cholesterol and told me that I needed to exercise and change my eating habits in order to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

And, of course, Nancy knows about this. So the bad food went away. She started checking up on me to make sure I was exercising and eating better.

She has been doing all she can to do me good and not harm!

My excellent wife learned this from God our heavenly Father! God also intends good for us, and not harm.

That isn’t to say bad things won’t happen to us. I still do get sick. I still do get injured (I broke my elbow falling on the ice a few years back, I’ve had appendicitis, my gall bladder removed and back surgery).

But God always intends good out of these kind of things – and worse – for those who love him. This is what St. Paul wrote in Holy Scripture: “And we know that 15726377_10210858837962838_7480206283034113840_nfor those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

How could God not intend, and do, good for us if he sent Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice that would save us from our sins and give us eternal life!

God is the one who teaches an excellent wife how to love her husband. Nancy, my excellent wife, learned this lesson very well!

How well? In the last year – thanks to Nancy helping me eat well and exercise regularly – I have lost nearly 30 pounds and lowered my cholesterol by 100 points!

I feel better, I feel stronger! I feel younger! And I love my wife so much for her loving efforts to do me good, and not to harm me, all the days of her life!

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