An Excellent Wife IV

An excellent wife … She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. Proverbs 31:10a, 13

One of the blessings – and one of the tribulations – of being a pastor is that I get to live in places that I might never have imagined I would live.

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Nancy married me the year before I began my vicarage year (a year of working in a parish as a student minister). And since then we have moved and lived in several exotic locales that we never thought that we would live.

We lived in a small, one bedroom apartment in St. Louis. We lived in a slightly larger, two-bedroom apartment in Arnold, Missouri. We lived in a two-bedroom house in Pagedale, MO. We lived in a three-bedroom house in White Cloud, Michigan.

We lived in a three-bedroom home with finished basement in Mayville, Wisconsin. We lived in a three-bedroom home in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We lived in a wonderful California bungalow in suburban Los Angeles.

And now we live in a three-bedroom home in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

We have lived in Missouri, Michigan, California, and Illinois – and I have served four different churches in the last 21 years.

My excellent wife has been by my side all the way and through all the moves. While I have done basically the same type of work – parish pastor – Nancy has had to find work to support our family where she could.

nancys-ul-teamShe has taught kindergarten and third grade, been a daycare director, a manager of a coffee shop and book store, a senior team lead for a large department store chain, and now is an instructional specialist for a large corporation.

Nancy has always worked with willing hands to help support our family and my pastoral ministry no matter where we have been.

She does this because she loves me and she loves the Church of Jesus that we both serve. This is just one of the reasons she is an excellent wife.

She does what she can to support our family, marriage and ministry. She uses the gifts God has given her –leading a women’s Bible study and being involved in the parish ministry where she can.

(You may be wondering about her role as a mother – that is coming in a future devotion, as it is the topic of Proverbs 21:28.)

An excellent wife models God in this way. God does only what he can do to deal with us in our sin. He doesn’t do just anything, but only what he can do – provide a Savior who can take on the sin of the world and die on a cross for our salvation!

An excellent wife does what she can do for her husband, for her children, and for her church with what God has given her to do.

Sometimes what that is, exactly, isn’t foreseen. When we were first married, we never imagined we’d live in Southern California or that Nancy would do anything other than be a classroom teacher.

But that is part of what an excellent wife is – she is obedient to the will of God and does all that God asks of her in love for him and her family.

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