An Excellent Wife V

An excellent wife … She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar. Proverbs 31:10a, 14

Can you cook?

I do like to cook on occasion. Not every day, but I do like to grill a steak, simmer a pot of chili, roll out a pizza, or even make pancakes.

Pancakes I do at least once a month – usually for the guys who come to the Saturday Morning Men’s Bible study at my church.

I’ve prepped and cooked food in my own kitchen, in an industrial-strength kitchen like we have at our church (three, actually – we are triply blessed to have three commercial-grade kitchens!), and even river-side in the outback of Northern Idaho.

But the real cook in my family is my excellent wife.

She has special recipes that are favorites of the boys and me.

Her enchiladas – both chicken and beef – are awesome.

Her General Tso’s Chicken is to die for.

Her breakfast egg strata is a holiday favorite.

thanksgiving-2008-021Speaking of holidays, my excellent wife’s best recipe is her Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey!

These recipes of her’s are not exotic or one-of-a-kind. What makes them stand out from others and special to us is that she puts her love for us into her cooking!

She enjoys cooking because she loves her family second only to God himself. And this makes all the difference.

A wife who cooks based on her love for her family is among the greatest cooks in the world – even if all she cooks are grilled cheese sandwiches.

By the way, my excellent wife’s grilled cheese sandwiches are fantastic – especially when she goes the extra step and puts bacon on them!

Food is meant to be enjoyed. God created us in such a way that we require food to live. But he also created us to especially enjoy food – giving us taste buds, an olfactory sense and imaginations to come up with new ways to prepare a meal.

But God also created us with the capacity to love – each other and him. And someone who cooks for someone they love cooks in a way that cannot be matched by anyone else.

That’s why a husband-wife cooking team is so special. My favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas memories are those of when I teamed up with my wife to prepare the meal for the rest of the family.

We spent a lot of time close to each other in a warm and aroma-filled environment. We would brush up against one another on occasion and I could feel the love flowing between us!

Love expressed in cooking is a very special thing. An excellent wife knows this – as well as her family!

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