An Excellent Wife VII

An excellent wife … dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong. Proverbs 31:10a, 17

A few years ago, my oldest son bought a free-weight set. He used it to get stronger for baseball. I have been using it as well in order to strengthen by body and heart.

I keep track of my progress and have titled by progress board: “For me, and my family’s sake, and for God’s glory.”

My heart is getting stronger, as well as by body.

My wife doesn’t lift weights. But never make the mistake of thinking that she is weak! Like the excellent wife in Proverbs 31, my own excellent wife “dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

In this series of devotions on an excellent wife I hope you’ve gotten the idea that what makes an excellent wife is not so much what a woman does but rather why she does it.

healthy-heartHer strength comes from the heart. As I heard once, let your heart lead and your body will follow. If you heart is in the right place – that is, with God – then the rest of you will go in the right direction, at least generally.

The point is, that it starts with the heart.

Proverbs 31 describes an excellent wife, in great, 10th Century BC detail.

I’m blessed to be married to a 21st Century AD example of an excellent wife!

And in my own wife, her excellence comes from her heart.

In this particular verse, Proverbs 31:17, the strength referred to is a strength of heart, not necessarily of body.

My wife is a strong woman. But she’s no body builder and doesn’t work out with weights all day long.

Her strength comes from her mind and her heart. She is the strongest wife and mother I have ever known.

She is a pastor’s wife and that kind of life is only for the strong of heart! She is a mother of three boys and that takes a lot of strength of heart!

In some ways, my excellent wife is like a mother bear in that if her cubs are threatened, she is a strong force to be reckoned with. I don’t know of anyone sweeter and more caring than my excellent wife. But if our family is threatened or someone tries to take advantage of us, she deals with it with a strength of heart that is inspiring to me!

She isn’t violent or rude. But she also won’t be fooled or cheated.

Her strength of heart comes through most clearly when she is sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ.

She teaches a ladies’ Bible study each week. She participates in the weekly Sunday morning Bible study at our church – with her sons, by the way (who are 16 and 17 years old)!

And my excellent wife continually works to strengthen her heart with her private devotions each morning and devotions and prayer with me each night.

This is the strength that an excellent wife (and husband) have! It is the strength of the Lord God living in them. The wife in Proverbs 31, and my own excellent wife, live in the strength of the Lord and live their lives in the love of taking care of their family.

This is exactly what the Lord does! Out of love God takes care of us, his family. He created us with the capacity to love. But this capacity (called free will) also allowed his people to choose to not love him.

Yet in his love for us, even while we were still sinners, he sent Jesus to die for us. This strength of heart for us is the pattern of the heart of the excellent wife!

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