An Excellent Wife VIII

An excellent wife … opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:10a, 20

Each year, my excellent wife and I take our three sons to the city of Chicago sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. We call it our “Chicago Family Christmas” and have been doing it since 1996 (Eddie’s first Christmas).

We always partake of a family dinner at one of Chicago’s fine eating establishments. Invariably, the portions are too big for the boys or Nancy (I never seemed to have that problem!) and we get a “take home” bag.

Most of the time, as we leave the restaurant and begin walking back to the hotel, Eddie will take his “take home” from the restaurant and give it to a homeless person on the street at the corner. The food is usually in a sealed, foil container and the person can put it in their bag or with their other possessions and save it for later.

Eddie learned this from his mother, my excellent wife.

An excellent wife, according to Proverbs 31, “reaches out her hands to the needy” and my son learned this from his mom.

Recently, my excellent wife put together a gift bag for our Lutheran church & school staff – a “Take 5” and “$100,000 Bar” – to let them know we are thinking of them, praying for them, and to thank them, as we celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week.

The staff are not “needy” or “poor” but this kindness comes from the same place of her heart that Proverbs 31:20 speaks of.

I would imagine that an excellent wife that is depicted in Proverbs 31 could easily set their focus on their own families – with all the work that needs to be done to take care of a family.

ladies-tea-2012-6But then the description goes on to say that an excellent wife also reaches out to, and takes care of, others outside of their families.

This is both an action of the heart (as we explored in a previous devotion on strength of heart) and something that an excellent wife teaches her children to also do.

Eddie and his younger brothers Kurt and Mark see generosity and kindness on display in their mom nearly every day. She pours love into everything she does for the family and always has more left over for the people in our church, at her work, in our community and elsewhere.

But never mistake an excellent wife – especially in this area of living – as an “easy mark.” An excellent wife helps the poor and needy, but she is also a good steward of the gifts God has given her.

An excellent wife is generous with her time, talent, and treasure, but doesn’t just give it away without thought or concern.

An excellent wife is a good steward because what she does and gives comes from her heart. She thinks and feels about what she is doing and giving. And she does and gives in response to the love God has poured out on her – and continues to pour out on her – through Jesus Christ!

It is because of excellent wives that the love of God in Christ Jesus is shared with so many people in the world!

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1 thought on “An Excellent Wife VIII”

  1. As a Matthew-25:40 representative of Jesus himself, allow me to thank your wife for giving the crumbs from her table to Jesus on the streets of Chicago. That is excellent!

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