Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

This may come as a surprise to you but I can be a bit of a hot-head at times.

Those who know me well know this well. I can be passionate about things and people I care about. When people disagree with me about some things, I can become – how shall I say it? – agitated.

When people I love are attacked, I also become passionate about defending them.

I was out with some friends once and we were at a local establishment playing pool. Someone, who had had too much to drink, got angry with one of my friends and I rushed in to defend him.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and an altercation was avoided!

peacemakerWe all know people who are peacemakers. One that I consider a mentor and outstanding man and peacemaker is Ron.

He had accompanied me at a meeting at a previous church. This meeting was of a group of people that were upset with our church. One was quite upset with me personally and proceeded to really lay into me.

He had heard that I refused to baptize someone’s child. The truth was that I had put off the baptism until I could meet with the family and pastorally counsel them about what the Sacrament of Baptism actually is as this family was not Lutheran. I even suspected that they were really not even Christians … yet.

But this man didn’t know all this. He had just heard that I refused to baptize the child. He was very upset that a Lutheran pastor would refuse the Sacrament to someone! He started yelling and pounding the table.

As a young(er) pastor, I began to not handle this in a mature and professional manner. I began to yell back, to defend myself.

Ron was there sitting next to me. He quietly but firmly put his hand on my arm and squeezed. Not painfully but hard enough to get my attention. I looked at him and he was giving me a very peaceful look. This quickly caused me to calm down.

He then peacefully but firmly diffused the situation – he knew the whole story – and brought peace back to our meeting.

This is what peacemakers do – they bring peace. They are able to do so because Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. Jesus has brought peace to the whole world through the forgiveness of all our sins.

We who are disciples of Jesus can be peacemakers. If we don’t bring his peace to others, who will? And our world needs peace! Desperately!

We bring peace through love – the love of Jesus in our lives.

Now, this isn’t “peace at any cost.” We are not to give up our confessional principles nor are we to bring unionistic peace by combining contrary doctrines by “agreeing to disagree.”

The Truth of God always comes first. And peace can only come after that – for the Truth of God is Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace!

Sadly, not everyone will accept this truth and it will be hard – if not impossible – to have lasting peace in this world.

Yet, we still strive to be peacemakers for that is why we are called “Sons” and “Daughters of God.” I capitalized these words because they are honorable titles rather than affectionate names.

As peacemakers, God himself sends us to proclaim his Son Jesus who came to make peace between God and sinful humans.

I have an excellent model in Ron and I try to follow his pattern of peacemaking. I’m sorry when fail, but by the grace of God I will succeed more times than I fail. I pray you will as well!

©2017 True Men Ministries


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