Blameless and Upright

Job …was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil.
Job 1:1

I was in the grocery store the other day to buy apples. I had a choice. A bag of apples or hand pick my own from a pile of apples.

I chose to hand pick my apples so I could check them for bruises. There nothing quite so dissatisfying as biting into a bruised apple and having a mouth full of brown, mushy apple meat.

I checked my apples meticulously and chose only those that were blemish free.

In this way, the apples were blameless. They didn’t have any soft spots that indicated less-than-desirable apple meat under the skin.

The Bible speaks of that which is blameless and means something is without defect or blemish. Most often the Bible speaks of a blameless lamb that can be used for sacrifice. It is the best of the flock and indicates the owner’s willingness to give up only the best for God.

jobWhen the Bible uses the word blameless to describe a man – like Job – it is not referring to his being without sin. That would be silly. There was only one man who was without sin and his name wasn’t Job, it was Jesus.

When describing a person as blameless the Bible means that the person has personal integrity and obeys God’s Law. Not sinless but someone who lives a life of repentance and contrition for their sin.

Job is also described as being upright. This is a person who lives with “straightness” – that is, faithful to God’s commandments.

Again, Job wasn’t sinless but he did his best to follow God’s ways.

And when he failed, he repented.

He also looked after his children. He took care of them the best he could. He encouraged them to join him in being blameless and upright.

Job also trusted God in all things. He trusted that God would provide all he needed and would provide for his family as well.

And finally, Job avoided evil. While he didn’t have the temptations that we face today – the internet, television, and the like – he faced much the same temptations that many people face today.

Job was wealthy and must have faced the temptations that wealth can bring – namely, a trust in oneself and one’s possessions.

He certainly didn’t have any reason to doubt God’s provision and blessings … yet.

It’s tempting for us to see Job as someone who is nothing like us or any ordinary person. He had a large family. He had extreme wealth. He had everything anyone could ever want – for the time period.

But the very beginning of the Book of Job tells us that Job was just this man.

There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job….

Job is an “everyman.” He represents all humans. And as we’re going to see in this next series of devotions, Job and what happens to him is an incredible lesson in patience, tenacity, integrity, and faith.

These devotions will be supplemented by a weekly Bible study at St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

Ladies, you can gather on Tuesday evenings. Men, Saturday mornings.

And Starting March 1 – Ash Wednesday – St. Matthew will begin a journey with Job that will lead to Easter Sunday and Job’s most famous words: I know that my Redeemer live!”

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  1. Really appreciated your explanation of “was blameless and upright” because I had sort of wondering if that meant he hadn’t sinned yet or something along that lines and that his three friends were trying to convince him that he had sinned somewhere along the way. I liked too how you said Job was an “everyman” kind of guy. Great post!

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