I’m Looking For Your Insight!

Thank you for reading this! I really mean that.

I’ve been mulling over how I can more effectively reach a wider audience with the daily devotions (via email subscription) and this blog.

That led me to ask the question “why?” Why do I want to reach a wider audience.

The answer I came up with – was given to me? – was that I want to be able to proclaim the Gospel, share Jesus Christ and my (small) part in His story – with as many people as I can.

The current devotion and blog series is on the Book of Job. Right now between 10-20 views are happening daily on this blog and I’m sending out the email devotion to 78 subscribers daily.

I’m asking you – who read this blog – why do you read it? What do you think of it? And do you have any ideas on reaching more people?

Please leave your ideas in the comments section or you can email me privately at info@truemen.org.

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