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In 1995 I was called to be a pastor in the Lutheran church. Since then I’ve been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as I possibly can.

In order to reach more and more people with the life-transforming story of Jesus Christ, I began writing devotions.

I post them here on this blog. But I also send them out via email so you can get them wherever you are on whatever device you choose.

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Small Comforts and Words

Are the comforts of God too small for you, or the word that deals gently with you?
Job 15:11

For a long time, I wanted to be rich. I wanted to have a big house, nice cars with all the latest technology in them. I wanted to be able to travel the world and vacation in exotic locations where I could sit on a beach or in the shadow of majestic mountains.

But in this life, I won’t have that. I won’t have a large bank account. I won’t be able to drive a new car every two years. I won’t be able to travel much beyond two or three hours drive from my home.

While I’ve been blessed in the past to have traveled to the mountains of Italy and the beaches of Mexico, it was always on someone else’s dime. Incredible blessings for which I am extremely grateful. But it won’t be my way of life.

Still, God has comforted me, and that is no small thing.

God has given me an incredibly faithful and loving wife (beautiful, too!). God has blessed us with three sons that are the apples of our eyes.

God has called me to be a pastor and placed me in a ministry that never sees a dull day! God has surrounded me with amazing people who bless me and are his blessing to me.

Each day I get to witness the love of God in powerful ways: in the service provided by people of God, in the eager faces of students that I teach, in the support and love of my wife and sons.

I will never be financially or monetarily rich.

But I will continue to be blessed by God each and every day.

Job felt the same way. He thanked God for the material blessings and the familial blessings he had received.

But when those blessings were taken away by Satan, Job refused to curse God for it. He still worshiped God, he still feared (believed in) God.

Job’s friends see the loss of these blessings as punishment for sin. And they feel compelled to admonish Job for not repenting of his sin!

Eliphaz says that those who lose such blessings must have deserved to lose them.

Even today, there are many people who cheer the downfall of the rich and famous – some even going so far as to say that they deserve to lose it all because they had too much to begin with.

But who’s to say that’s true?

Eliphaz confronts Job with words that he himself should be listening to: “Should a wise man answer with windy knowledge? Should he argue in unprofitable talk?” (Job 15:2, 3)

Who are we to say that loss equals punishment?

Who are we to say that not being rich equals less blessings from God?

We cannot say either way.

Pain and sorrow, loss or lack of riches, these are all realities we face in this world.

But there is also the reality that God is Almighty, the Creator, the Redeemer, and the one who raises us up when we are down.

No matter what we are – rich or poor; no matter who we are – healthy or sickly; no matter where we are – in a simple neighborhood or jet-setting around the world; God is our God who loves us and will always strengthen our faith in him through blessings and trails.

Lord God Almighty, may the pains and struggles I experience teach me the wisdom of fearing you, and may your comforts and gentle words quench the flames of distress. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

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