Image result for mary anoints JesusJesus said, “Leave her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of my burial.” John 12:7

There are only a few days left in this Season of Lent.

We are rapidly approaching the days of Holy Week, when we will celebrate the institution of the Lord’s Supper, commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, and celebrate Jesus’ glorious resurrection from the dead.

Notice that in the middle of the celebrating is death.

Notice that every time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper we remember His death: “Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the night He was betrayed….”

Whenever we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we cannot escape the fact that He was betrayed and, as a result of that betrayal, died.

“This is my body, given for you….”

“This is my blood … shed for you….”

That happened on the cross on the first Good Friday.

We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection – and we can’t do that unless He actually died.

And then there’s Mary, the sister of the once-dead-man Lazarus. A week before Jesus’ death she anoints the feet of Jesus with pure nard – a funeral spice.

Jesus uses this event to point ahead to His death – which is only one week in the future.

My point is that we cannot escape the death of Jesus. We are presented with the death of Jesus almost constantly.

Go into just about any Christian church on the planet and you will see a cross.

A Roman instrument of death. But for the Christian the symbol of our life!

The death of Jesus is of paramount importance. It is the one event that changed the history of the world.

But more than that, it is the one event that all of history points to!

It is the reason for everything you see around you. The death of Jesus means that God is reconciled. The requirement of His Law is satisfied.

The death of Jesus means that you will live!

In the days ahead, let us focus on the death of Jesus.

But remember this: you can never separate the death of Jesus from the resurrection of Jesus! They go together – always.

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