King’s Ransom

“…my servant Job shall pray for you, for I will accept his prayer not to deal with you according to your folly.”
Job 42:8

Job had lost it all.

His vast fortune wiped out overnight.

His seven sons and three daughters all killed on the same night.

He had been struck with some affliction that reduced his skin to festering and itching boils.

The only thing Job is left with is his wife and his life. And his wife told him to “curse God and die.”

Three friends come along to sit shiva with Job for seven days.

But after Job curses the day he was born, they feel obliged to speak.

They were not very helpful. What they say ranges from “you must have done something very wrong to be treated by God thusly” to “your children must have sinned, that’s why they were killed.”

They went on and on. Job defended himself, telling them that he hadn’t done anything wrong to deserve this! But his three friends insisted that he was wrong!

Finally, a young man named Elihu speaks up and tells Job and his friends that it doesn’t really matter. God is God and can do whatever he wants!

Then God finally answers Job’s pleading.

Job repents of blaming God for unjustly – or, at the very least, covertly – afflicting Job.

We know the whole story because we have been privy to a conversation between Satan and God at the beginning of the story. We know what’s been going on the whole time. That God allowed Satan to attack and afflict Job in order to prove that Job believes in God because he is God and not because God has given him vast amounts of wealth.

In other words, Job passes the test!

Here at the end, God speaks to the three friends and tells them to bring bulls and rams equal to several year’s income for one person. This number of bulls and rams is also noted as what a king would provide for a sacrifice.

God has the three friends bring a king’s ransom to Job. Not as restitution or payment. But as a sacrifice that Job will perform for them.

Even after all the verbal pain these three inflicted on Job, Job will intercede for them to God!

1800 years later, Jesus – with a sign above his head that said he was the king of the Jews – would do the same thing.

And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on his right and one on his left. And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:33-34).

And that is exactly what God did! Both in Jesus’ case and in Job’s!

…and the LORD accepted Job’s prayer” (Job 42:9).

God tells us to not seek revenge. God tells us to pray for our enemies. God tells us to love our enemies.

Job and Jesus are our models for this kind of living. And so that is what we are to do.

That is why Job went through what he did, so we could learn this lesson and live the Godly life.

By the power of the Holy Spirit working through the means of grace (God’s Word and Sacraments) we are forgiven of all our sins. And by the same power we can intercede for others, even our enemies!

Let us model Job – and Jesus – and love everyone and pray for them.

©2017 True Men Ministries


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