It Was I

“…it was I who destroyed … it was I who brought you up … and led you … and I raised up….”
Amos 2: 9, 10, 11

When I was young, I had no problem ascribing to God all that is.

I believed that God created the universe as recorded in Genesis 1 & 2.

I believed that God called the family of Abraham to be his special people.

I believed that God chose David to be a warrior-shepherd of his people.

In the 7th grade I transferred from a Lutheran school to a public school.

I was then taught that this universe came about by random chance over billions of years.

That there are many families and many gods.

That David was, for the most part, just an old-time story filled with mostly legends.

There was never any debate about this – after all I was just a student and surely my teachers knew vastly more and vastly better than I.

But something in the back of my mind – or was it deep in my heart? – was telling me that what my public school was teaching me was not how things are.

Theories about the Big Bang and Evolution did little to bring me comfort when my grandfather died while I was in high school.

Those who, throughout history, felt that Abraham and his family were not special used that knowledge to commit acts of unspeakable horror on his descendants.

And if David was mostly legend, then how could I trust that his most famous descendent – Jesus Christ – was the genuine article?

My biggest challenge at that time was that while my head and heart were causing me to question, I couldn’t really articulate these questions. I also didn’t really know where to turn to find the answers that I didn’t really understand that I needed.

But my parents did.

They kept me going to worship on a weekly basis.

They made sure I completed my catechism instruction period that led up to Confirmation.

They strongly encouraged (read that as “forced”) me to be a part of the youth group in my church.

At youth group we had fun. We played games. I made life-long friends.

But most importantly was that we studied the Bible! We were led by the pastor to dig deeper in the God’s Word.

And as I did, the stuff in the back of my mind and in my heart made it to the part of my brain that could put it in words and I began to question what my public school was teaching!

I don’t want to be misunderstood here, I am very thankful for my public school education, just as I am for my Lutheran school education.

But in the public school, my faith wasn’t strengthened and nourished so I needed to be deliberate in spending time in God’s Word and in classes where it could be – and that means Sunday School, Bible study, and Christian worship!

I believe this with my whole heart and that is why I am so thankful for being able to offer and lead “Sunday Night Live” at my church in the summer months.

“Sunday Night Live” is for junior and senior high youth. We play games, have fun, eat grilled food and fresh fruit (usually), and – this is key – study God’s Word and talk about it!

If you are a student – or the parent of a student – in a public school, I encourage you to be (or commend you for being) in a Christian Bible study so that your faith is nurtured, strengthened, and that you will hear the Truth of God!

Remember, nowhere else but in the Bible and in a Christian church will you hear the Truth that God loves you and Jesus was born, lived, died, rose, and ascended to bring you God’s love and forgiveness and eternal life!

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