The Holy Travel Guide

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth….”
John 16:13a

Growing up, my mom’s career was as a travel agent. She owned and operated Fox Lake Travel with her partner Gigi for nearly 30 years and herself traveled around the world. She went on many excursions that were led by experienced travel guides.

There are times when exploring a place or country by yourself is wonderful. But having a guide – especially the first time there – is indispensable!

I don’t think it is a coincidence that Jesus uses the word “guide” when talking about the Holy Spirit that he will send.

The word “guide” in John 16:13 means a “travel guide.” And that is what Jesus says the Holy Spirit will do, in part.

The Holy Spirit will guide us as we travel in this world and life. He will guide us into all the truth.

The truth is that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God who became a human being when he was born in Bethlehem. The truth that the Holy Spirit guides us into is that Jesus also lived a perfect life, died on the cross the forgive all the sins of all people of all time, rose from the dead to justify those who have faith him and then ascended into heaven with the promise that he will return to take those who have faith in him to live in heaven forever.

This is the truth into which the Holy Spirit will guide!

The picture of a “travel guide” is a good one. In this life we travel! From one day to the next. From one experience to the next. Many people travel from one town to the next.

I traveled from Fox Lake Hills to Mequon, Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri.

My wife and I traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to White Cloud, Michigan to Mayville, Wisconsin, to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, to Ontario & Upland, California, to Lake Villa and Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

We also traveled from single life to married life to married life with one son, two sons, and then three sons.

We traveled from being in our middle 20’s to being in our early 50’s.

We traveled from being students to teachers, pastors, and education specialists.

And the entire way, the Holy Spirit has been guiding us. The Holy Spirit has called us to each other, to our different churches and schools, to be parents, coaches, teachers, and leaders.

At the core of all of this is the truth of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is based on believing in Jesus Christ as our Savior and sharing Jesus Christ with others.


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