Poured Out

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh
Joel 2:28

Water is vital to life. Without water, a person will die within a couple of days.

Water is found just about everywhere on the planet. Even in the driest places it rains water sometimes.

Water pours from the sky. Water pours from the side of mountains. Water pours from a pitcher into a glass or into a jar.

The sound of pouring or running water can be soothing. There are many videos on the internet of just rain pouring down (here’s one I particularly like: rain and thunder video).

It isn’t a coincidence that God uses the description of pouring water when talking about the Holy Spirit and Holy Baptism.

Nor is it a coincidence that Holy Baptism uses water as its visible, earthly element to carry or contain the Word of God.

The passage from Joel 2:28 is a prophesy that was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost following Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the dead.

Fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection was the Day of Pentecost in the Hebrew religious calendar. Pentecost was the celebration of the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai in the 15th Century BC. It would become known also as the “Feast of Weeks” as it is seven weeks after Passover (a week of weeks).

On the fiftieth day after Jesus’ resurrection, and the tenth day after his ascension, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Disciples of Jesus.

The immediate result of this pouring out was that they could speak different languages. This is important as the “Feast of Weeks” saw Jews from throughout the known world in Jerusalem for the festival.

The Disciples could now speak to all the people in their native languages. But what could they possibly speak to them about?

With the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, the Disciples immediately began to tell anyone who would listen about Jesus!

The Prophet Joel used words like “prophesy” and “dreams” and “visions.” What he was describing was simply the proclamation of the Gospel to all people through the means of the Disciples.

Today, the Holy Spirit is continually poured out on the disciples of Jesus. In Holy Baptism, as the water is poured on a person and the Word of God is spoken, the Holy Spirit saves that person from sin, death, and the power of the devil.

The Holy Spirit continues to pour into that person the power to proclaim the Gospel through word and deed.

We become vessels into which so much power and grace is poured that it overflows into the lives of those around us.

God pours his love into us and into the lives of others through us as we consistently and regularly read his Word and worship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are living in the days where God has poured out his Spirit!

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