Miraculous Feeding

“Give them to the men, that they may eat, for thus says the Lord, ‘They shall eat and have some left.’”

2 Kings 4:43

So many of my memories of my life revolve around food.

Each year, growing up, my parents would either host or take my brother and me to a Thanksgiving Feast. Sometimes we would host the family at our home. I remember many of those Thanksgiving where it would either snow the night before or the morning of the big Feast.

Sometimes we went to my grandparent’s home in Ingleside – an ancestral home where my grandmother spent much of her childhood in the early 20th Century. Her home began as a summer home for her parents (my great-grandparents). By the time I came along, it was a year-round home for my “Nana & Pop-Pop.” We would gather in the Dining Room with near and extended family for the Feast.

Sometimes we went to my grandparent’s home in Hegewisch – the home where my father grew up. This was a typical two-story home on the Southside of Chicago. We would gather in the Dining Room for the Feast with my family, my aunts and my cousins – which would inevitable overflow into the Front Room.

Christmas was the same kind of memories. Our home or my grandparents’ home and a Feast.

So it doesn’t surprise me that there are memorable Feasts in the life of Christ and the life of God’s people.

One of the miracles of Jesus – one of the very few recorded in all four Gospels – also revolves around food.

It is the Feeding of the 5000. Jesus takes very little bread and fish and feeds a crowd of at least 5000 (the text says they counted the men but not the women and children).

Nearly every Christian – and not a few non-Christians – have heard of this story. But did you know this wasn’t the first time God multiplied a lunch to feed many?

In 2 Kings there is a little story that is too often over-looked. Elisha, the prophet of God, took 20 loaves of barley bread and some fresh grain and God multiplied it to feed a crowd of 100!

It is amazing what God can do for so many with so little!

Too often I hear good Christian people say that they can’t serve the Lord because they don’t have “enough.” Enough resources, enough strength, enough talent, enough <fill in the blank>.

But God doesn’t need your “enough.”

God just needs your faith and your willing heart.

God will give you everything you need to serve him. In fact, in many circumstances, he already has given you everything you need to serve him.

God has given you a talent or a group of talents. God has given you resources to use. God has called you to be his own child. God has forgiven your sins. God has given you eternal life. God has given you his Holy Spirit.

You may look at what God has given you and see the equivalent of 20 loaves of barley bread, or even a lunch of fish and bread.

But God used that much to reach and feed so many people! He can – and wants – to do the same with you!


Heavenly Father, in joy I offer to you the firstfruit of my labors, for you have labored to save me and serve me life-giving bread; through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.

©2017 True Men Ministries


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