“Seek me and live … seek the LORD and live … the LORD is his name….”
Amos 5:4, 6, 8

When I sit on a chair, I trust that it will support my weight and not collapse.

But that has happened. Mostly because the chair was broken and ready to fall apart (but partly because I was too heavy for it, too!).

When I turn on the light switch, I trust that the lights in the room will go on. Most of the time they do. But there have been times when the wiring wasn’t correct or the bulb was burned out and flipping the switch did not have its desired effect.

There are some things we trust and count on. We put our faith in them. Things like the support of our family or the love of our spouse.

Still, it is very important to put our ultimate trust in someone who will never, ever let us down.

I’m talking about the Creator of the universe. He is the LORD (Yahweh).

He called into being everything we see (and everything we can’t see except with a microscope or telescope). We can trust him to sustain this universe to the very end.

He also formed you and me – initially from the dust of the earth and the rib of the first man.

God is our Creator. But Adam and Eve rejected God when they listened to Satan instead and then their own desires.

Because of their Fall we are all conceived and born sinners. We also initially reject God.

Some continue to do so all their lives. They put their trust in other things. Some put their trust in gods – like Sikkuth or Kiyyun, Mesopotamia deities of the ancient near east.

Others put their trust in science. Or in the world. Or even in themselves.

But everything else will violate our trust.

Science will. After all, science once told us the world was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth.

The world will violate our trust. Ask those who once trusted in the German Chancellor in the last 1930’s and early 1940’s. Or those who trusted the General Secretary of the Communist Party from the early 1920’s to the early 1950’s.

Even we ourselves will prove to be untrustworthy. Our bodies will age and fail us, our minds can grow dim and fade as well.

If we put our trust in anything but the Creator of the universe, we will be let down.

God does not want that for us. So he sent his Son to be our Savior! Jesus Christ would bear that which causes us to reject God – our sin. Jesus paid the price to buy us back from our sin, from death itself, and from the devil who led us to this untrustworthy path in the beginning.

This is the message that we have been given to proclaim and share with the world.

The prophet Amos proclaims the Law loud and clear in his book of the Bible. And reading just his prophecy is a grim experience.

But there is more to the story! The Law is always grim. But the Gospel is beautiful and comforting!

The Holy Spirit uses both – Law and Gospel – to complete in us that which the prophet Amos calls us – to seek the Lord and live!

This specific chapter of Amos – chapter 5 – warns us to not play at or pretend to trust in the LORD. There is no “going through the motions” of a worship service. That won’t work.

The trust that will truly work is that which comes from faith. Not actions but where the actions start – in the heart.

This is why Amos’ prophecy tells us that the LORD is not delighted in “solemn assemblies” or “burnt offerings and grain offerings.”

These are important, no doubt. God instructs us to worship him. But our trust is not to be in what we do. What we do should flow out of our trust in God.

And we trust in God because Jesus Christ forgives and removes our sin and gives us his righteousness.

Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for us, “justice” can “roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (v 24).

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“…yet you did not return to me,” declares the LORD.”
Amos 4:6, 8, 9, 10, 11

Actions have consequences.

If a person smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years, it would be no surprise that he gets emphysema and/or lung cancer.

If a person eats an entire pizza and drinks a 2-liter of soda pop every day for lunch, it should be no surprise that he gains weight and feels sluggish and weak.

Sickness and obesity are not punishments for this behavior so much as they are consequences of it!

If a person rejects God’s love and provision, there are also consequences to this rejection. There is no spite or “I’ll get you for this” kind of attitude on the part of God.

Famine, drought, pestilence, foreign invaders – all of these are in the control of God but not spiteful punishments from God.

They are consequences of Israel’s behavior.

But God, in his great mercy, is using these consequences to constantly call his people back to himself.

“Return to me” is a call to repentance. It is a call and an action of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of God’s people to turn away from sin and turn to God.

It is a call to turn away from death – a consequence of sin – and turn to life.

Even in all these consequences laid out in Amos 4, God is calling his people back to himself.

These consequences are intended to get the attention of the people.

It is like a person who is angry, in despair, and ranting and raving loudly all at the same time. A person who they love and who loves them dearly sometimes must literally slap them in the face to get them to stop and pay attention.

That’s what is describe in Amos 4.

When God has his people’s attention, they will turn to him. Turn to God who is the creator of “mountains and … wind.”

The last Old Testament-type of calling God’s people to turn to him would be in the words of John the Baptist, “Repent! For the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (Matthew 3:2)

Three years after John’s message, there would be all the consequences of turning away from God poured out on one person – Jesus Christ.

He would take all the sins and the consequences on himself and suffer and die on the cross.

The ultimate consequence of sin – eternal death – would be paid in full by Jesus Christ.

And now the Holy Spirit – using the Means of Grace – calls each one of us back to God.

His mercy and grace are now ours for the sake of Jesus Christ.

His power and love give us the power to return to the Lord!

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What You Need to Hear

“You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”
Amos 3:2

As a pastor and leader in a church, I sometimes feel I have two choices.

I can either a) tell the people what they want to hear; or b) tell the people what God wants them to hear.

There are a lot of pastors and a lot of churches that I have observed that tell people what they want to hear. It is as if their mission for ministry is to do whatever they can to make the people who come to their church feel good. To tell them that they are okay. That everything is going to be alright.

I suspect that if I were to follow this example and model it in my own church, more people would come and listen to me.

But I am certain that I wouldn’t feel right about it. Not that I have anything against people feeling good! Quite the contrary. I try to make people feel good, to be happy, and to leave my church feeling better than when they came in.

But when I became a pastor, I wasn’t called to make people feel good. I wasn’t called to make people happy.

I was called by God through a congregation to tell them what God wants them to hear.

I was called by God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A good summary of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ was born to be our substitute under God’s Law. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and gives us his righteousness by faith. Jesus Christ died on a cross to forgive all the sin of all people of all time. Jesus Christ rose from the grave three days later so that we, too, might rise from the grave one day. And Jesus Christ ascended into heaven with the promise to come back and take those who have saving faith in him back to paradise to live there forever.

This is what God wants people to hear. This is what I’ve been called to proclaim.

This is the Gospel.

But the Gospel means little unless we understand why Jesus Christ did all this for us!

And that understanding comes from something I’ve also been called to proclaim – the Law.

Law and Gospel are the two teachings of Holy Scripture. The Bible passages we read from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 are either Law passages or Gospel passages.

They are God’s Word to us – and that which I have been called to proclaim – about the things that we should do and don’t, the things that we shouldn’t do and do anyway, and the things that only God can do for us and does out of love for us.

John 3:16, for example, is a Gospel passage. It tells us what God has done for us because he loves us.

Amos 3, on the other hand, is mostly Law. And it is just as hard to hear today as I’m sure it was for God’s people when this shepherd from Tekoa first spoke it.

God has specially chosen Israel to be his people, purely out of love for them. He didn’t choose Israel because they were the most beautiful, most prosperous, or the most numerous of nations.

God chose Israel only because he loved them.

By the way, that doesn’t mean that God didn’t love the rest of the people of the world. Oh, no! John 3:16 is still true! “For God so loved the world” that he put a plan of salvation – for the whole world – in play through his special people Israel! The Savior of the world would come from the nation of Israel!

But the prophet Amos had some very tough words to proclaim to Israel. They had been rejecting God and his love for them. Even though God had chosen them. Even though God had saved them from slavery in Egypt. Even though God had given them everything they needed: food and water in the desert, fertile land to live in, victory over their enemies, good kings (like David and Solomon) and powerful prophets (like Elijah and Elisha).

God did all of this for Israel out of his love for Israel, and yet they rejected him and his love over and over again.

And so God – like any loving father – would punish them. Not to hurt them out of spite but discipline them so they learn to not reject him!

The prophet Amos could have been like other prophets and told Israel that all was well, that everything was okay, and that they would be alright.

But it wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be true. And it wasn’t what Amos was called to do.

Amos loved God. And he loved his brothers and sisters. And so, he proclaimed to them what they need to hear and what God wanted them to hear.

It wouldn’t be easy. It wouldn’t make Amos popular.

But it would be exactly what God’s people needed.

And that is what your pastor does as well.

Please pray for him as he tells you what you need to hear!

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It Was I

“…it was I who destroyed … it was I who brought you up … and led you … and I raised up….”
Amos 2: 9, 10, 11

When I was young, I had no problem ascribing to God all that is.

I believed that God created the universe as recorded in Genesis 1 & 2.

I believed that God called the family of Abraham to be his special people.

I believed that God chose David to be a warrior-shepherd of his people.

In the 7th grade I transferred from a Lutheran school to a public school.

I was then taught that this universe came about by random chance over billions of years.

That there are many families and many gods.

That David was, for the most part, just an old-time story filled with mostly legends.

There was never any debate about this – after all I was just a student and surely my teachers knew vastly more and vastly better than I.

But something in the back of my mind – or was it deep in my heart? – was telling me that what my public school was teaching me was not how things are.

Theories about the Big Bang and Evolution did little to bring me comfort when my grandfather died while I was in high school.

Those who, throughout history, felt that Abraham and his family were not special used that knowledge to commit acts of unspeakable horror on his descendants.

And if David was mostly legend, then how could I trust that his most famous descendent – Jesus Christ – was the genuine article?

My biggest challenge at that time was that while my head and heart were causing me to question, I couldn’t really articulate these questions. I also didn’t really know where to turn to find the answers that I didn’t really understand that I needed.

But my parents did.

They kept me going to worship on a weekly basis.

They made sure I completed my catechism instruction period that led up to Confirmation.

They strongly encouraged (read that as “forced”) me to be a part of the youth group in my church.

At youth group we had fun. We played games. I made life-long friends.

But most importantly was that we studied the Bible! We were led by the pastor to dig deeper in the God’s Word.

And as I did, the stuff in the back of my mind and in my heart made it to the part of my brain that could put it in words and I began to question what my public school was teaching!

I don’t want to be misunderstood here, I am very thankful for my public school education, just as I am for my Lutheran school education.

But in the public school, my faith wasn’t strengthened and nourished so I needed to be deliberate in spending time in God’s Word and in classes where it could be – and that means Sunday School, Bible study, and Christian worship!

I believe this with my whole heart and that is why I am so thankful for being able to offer and lead “Sunday Night Live” at my church in the summer months.

“Sunday Night Live” is for junior and senior high youth. We play games, have fun, eat grilled food and fresh fruit (usually), and – this is key – study God’s Word and talk about it!

If you are a student – or the parent of a student – in a public school, I encourage you to be (or commend you for being) in a Christian Bible study so that your faith is nurtured, strengthened, and that you will hear the Truth of God!

Remember, nowhere else but in the Bible and in a Christian church will you hear the Truth that God loves you and Jesus was born, lived, died, rose, and ascended to bring you God’s love and forgiveness and eternal life!

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So I will send a fire upon ….”
Amos 1:4, 7, 10, 12,

As a young boy I was fascinated by fire. I suppose most young boys are.

The Fourth of July was also my favorite time of year for fire.

My parents always had a big party on the Fourth of July starting in 1976 – the United States Bicentennial year.

Part of our celebration was to set off fireworks that we would buy either in Wisconsin or in Indiana.

Lots of bottle rockets, firecrackers, sparklers, and more made our celebrations glorious.

It is a testament to the grace of God that I still have all ten of my fingers!

I still love the Fourth of July and fireworks, but I much prefer to watch professionally staged shows and leave all the dangerous stuff to those professionals.

The reason is that I have a healthy respect for fire and its destructive nature.

In 2006 I was called to pastor a church in Southern California. I had heard about wildfires, but our second year there I witnessed the destructive nature of these fires more closely then I would have wanted to.

The first major fire was in the Anaheim hills. We never saw the flames from where we lived, but the smoke from that fire blew into our valley, prompting us to cancel school for a couple of days due to such poor air quality.

Then one year the fires reached the foothills of our mountains – the San Gabriels.

Thankfully, the flames never reached our residential areas and the smoke, for the most part, was blown away from us.

But after the sun set you could see the glowing hotspots in the hills above our home. It was eerie and not a little scary.

During little league baseball games, helicopters carrying hundreds of gallons of water would fly low over the fields on their way to drop their load on the fires in the hills around us.

We had an up close and personal view of the destructive nature of fire.

What was fascinating to a young boy becomes, at best, a healthy respect. At its worst, it becomes a dreaded fear.

And this is nothing new, I suspect. Ever since death was introduced into God’s creation by Adam and Eve’s Fall into sin, death by fire has been a mortal fear of mankind.

In the prophecy of God through his servant Amos, God warns and threatens the enemies of his people with destruction by fire.

This is how serious God’s love for his people runs. He loves his own so much that he will destroy those who try to destroy his people with fire.

But ultimately, Jesus himself will face a fire within his own bones to finally eradicate death once and for all.

Like the goat that is slaughtered for the sin offering for the people is then burned on the altar, so Christ sheds his blood on the cross. Hanging there for six hours, his muscles and bones will burn with pain.

Our sin is atoned for by Jesus Christ. Those who do not reject Christ but live in saving faith will be spared the destructive fire that is awaiting this world.

Fire will be used to destroy this sin-stained world and afterward, God will create a new heaven and a new earth.

Those who reject Christ will be cast – along with Satan and his demons – in the lake of fire prepared for them because of their rebellion.

We should have a healthy respect for fire but need not fear the ultimate fire because Christ paid the price for our sin and gives us his righteousness in place of our sin. This Good News of salvation is offered to each one of us in the Gospel of Jesus!

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